Ib 02




Garry(ギャリー)is a young man that was saved by Ib in the bizarre gallery and one of the three main characters in Ib. He's playable at a point in the game.


He has light purple hair, with darker streak on top, his eyes color is hard to predict, but often seen as blue or purple ( Although they look more black in the game). He wore a long, dark blue coat that looks like it was torn and ragged, according to him, it was design like that and he wore it for years. Under the coat he wore a green tank-top and brown jeans. He kept a blue rose. His age is unknow, but he looks like he's around 18 - 20

Personality and FactEdit

Garry is a feminine guy according to Kouri, in the Japanese version of the game, he use "Atashi", that's a phrase that mostly Japanese ladies use to vocative themself while men mostly use "Boku" (Though, in the English version, these details don't exist, but Ib did ask him why was he talking like a lady). He also has been described strange, but easy to like. His clothes looks more stylish then Ib and Mary, the reason is unclear.

In the begin of the game, you can see him standing in front of the "Hanged Man" painting, but he's not going to speak to you even if you intertracted with him for hundred times .