Ib 01




Ib(イヴ) is a nine-year-old girl and also the main character of the game. her name pronounced as "Eeb", or "Eve"


She has chestnut hair, red eyes and wear a long-sleeve, white shirt with red scarf, red skirt that's reach to her knees, black sock and red shoes. She kept herself a red rose that is "Too beautifull to be real"

Personality and FactsEdit

Not much is know about Ib, since all of her quote are on the 3rd person view like "You don't know this word"...

Although there's not much information, she was describe by kouri that she is upper-class, gets along with her mom and dad. Through dialouges, there're some options she will remain silence (The "............" option), support the fact by fans said that she is silent and shy.