Welcome to the Ib WikiEdit

This Wiki is about the horror free game Ib, developed through the use of RpgMaker 2000/2003 by Kouri.

The story revolves around Ib (pronounced Eeb, similar as Eve), a very young girl that visits an art museum together with her family.

If you wish to try out the game, download the English version here:
Or you can watch walk through on Youtube if you are too scare to play:

Ib - The Story BeginEdit

The game is about a nine-year-old child named Ib went to visit the gallery display arts of Guertena with her parents.

After she went ahead to roam the building on her own, the light suddenly began to act strangely, and all the people seemed to have vanished. And then, suddenly, she realizes the art museum has been thoroughly warped into a nightmare...

The game is focusing on exploration and puzzle-soving. It's design to be accessible to all players, so there's no battle and does not demand quick refexes. Although you need to run around in some cases.

Latest activityEdit

There WAS supposed to be a second but instead there making an entierly ew version with different plot and charecters.